The name Mediaworks signals the birth of a new group. In terms of the number of print and electronic media products, diversity, number of copies sold, number of consumers and readers reached day after day and employees, the Mediaworks group became Hungary's leading media companythe moment it was established.

Classical journalism, communicating information in its newspapers and magazines, as well as quality content are the classical core activities of Mediaworks. The over sixty products, print editions and printing and distribution services are its conventional publishing activities. This portfolio explicitly demonstrates that as a successful media company, Mediaworks stands for information diversity and is a pioneer in the media world. The slogan of Mediaworks: "Content first" expresses that the company believes and invests in content and believes that this is the cornerstone of any media enterprise.

Online and digital services, related  information communication, services, as well as digital solutions adjustable to the needs of partners and advertisers are all an integral part of our portfolio. Mediaworks places great emphasis on digital developments and intends digital solutions to play a major role in the future. Alongside sport and gastro contents, further objectives include developing market-leading digital contents in the rest of the segments as well.

Our activities equally encompass new types of business activities, such as, entertainment, which includes all types of services relating to television, event organisation and the entertainment industry (such as ticket sales).  Mediaworks also makes TV productions from concept development to financing through to production. Entertainment closely connects to the world of publishers and the media. Mediaworks exploits this close relationship to make its products and services even more attractive.

Mediaworks  offers event and project management services to its partners that may add something extra to media campaigns and make them stronger. Communication consultancy adjusted to client needs supplements conventional agency services and the professional journalism, product and consumer expertise concentrated in Mediaworks gets messages across much easier.