Traineeship Programme

Traineeship programme


We offer the opportunity for students still studying and career starters to gain experiences.

What is the aim of this programme?

The aim of Mediaworks is to find, help promote and facilitate the careers of young, talented individuals entering the labour market by ensuring traineeship and concurrently find and retain promising trainees who may be the seal to success in the future.  Within the framework of this programme, we would like to provide an opportunity to gain experiences in the following areas:

  • Editorial (offline and online journalism, photography, layout)
  • Marketing
  • Market research
  • Support areas: distribution, production, finance, sales support, IT

What do we expect from trainees?

Trainees agree to work at least 30 hours a week at Mediaworks for a minimum 6 months to a maximum 1 year throughout the duration of the traineeship programme under the professional supervision of a designated mentor. Trainees are dedicated to and work contentiously for the company appreciating the opportunities offered through traineeship. Trainees must have a degree in the field they apply to work in.

What do we offer trainees?

- We offer professional work, during the course of which theoretical knowledge can be put into practice;

- We ensure the infrastructure required to work efficiently;

- Ongoing feedback from managers on performance to make the most of the traineeship period;

- We are keen on sharing our knowledge with trainees;

- We are open to new ideas;

- After completing the traineeship, we issue detailed attestation specifying the scope of activities of the trainee, number of trainee hours, as well as the performance of the trainee in the programme and issue a "Certificate" to the trainee.