Édes élet

Édes élet

Édes Élet: Cakes, pastries the way no-one cooks them. Her own desserts is the trademark of a good housewife, so, in order for everyone to find the most delicious or even simplest recipes, our magazine published quarterly exclusively focuses on desserts. Beyond the guidance of popular chefs, pastry chefs and pastry shops, our editors prepare the delicious bites.

Édes Élet targets ABC status women aged 25-55 that cook frequently and are keen on trying out new recipes, exotic ingredients and new flavours.

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Édes élet
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Editor-in-Chief: Kira Fazekas
Director of Women, Gastro and Youth media:
Zsuzsanna Titkó
Director of Sales and Marketing: Tamás Door
H-1082, Budapest
Futó u. 35-37.
Tel: + 36 1 460 4851
Fax: +36 1 460 2501

Tel: +36 (1) 460-2541 és (1) 460-2529
E-mail:  hirdetes@mediaworks.hu
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