Képes Sport

Képes Sport

Képes Sport is a dynamic, informative and entertaining weekly that not only caters for readers more enthusiastic about sports than the average person. It presents sports stars and sporting events in an easy-to-understand language and direct tone.

The hardcore readers that purchase Képes Sport are most interested in reading about foreign and Hungarian stars and are interested in a wide variety of sports.

Its unique reports, star interviews, interesting stories, colourful news articles, reports and posters form the main pillars of the magazine. The magazine satisfies readers’ demands related to sporty fashion, the latest electronic gadgets and sporty cars.

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Deputy Editor-in-chief: Tamás Bőle
Sports Media Product Manager: András Sinkovits
Director of Newspaper Division: János Madarász
Director of Sales and Marketing: Tamás Door

H-1082, Budapest
Futó u. 35-37.
Tel: + 36 1 460 2611
Fax: +36 1 460 2501
E-mail: kepessport@mediaworks.hu

Tel: +36 (1) 460-2541 és (1) 460-2529
E-mail:  hirdetes@mediaworks.hu
+3640 200 548