Manager Magazin

Manager Magazin

Manager Magazin is a classic, premium business magazine published monthly specifically catering for decision-makers and managers. It writes objectively about business and subjectively about business people. It is objective, because it presents company, sectoral analysis and trends, reports on business processes, success-oriented decisions and winning strategies, in addition to helping the work of business people with case studies. It is subjective, because it presents market success and the achievements of managers worthy of being acknowledged or even envied, inspires through good practices and its articles also present the private lives of top managers. There is strong cooperation (layout, content) with the German and Polish Manager Magazin.

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Deputy Editor-in-chief: Kornélia Willin-Tóth
Director of Newspaper Division: János Madarász
Director of Sales and Marketing: Tamás Door

H-1082, Budapest
Futó u. 35-37.
Tel: +36 1 460 2500
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