Nemzeti Sport

Nemzeti Sport

Nemzeti Sport is the only sports daily in Hungary. It offers a meaningful way for readers interested in sports to spend their free time; is informative, offers and shapes opinions. The daily that has been published for over 110 years is not only one of the most prestigious dailies in the Hungarian market, but is also internationally competitive. Its first issue was out on the streets on 15 March 1903. The newspaper was published twice a week at the beginning of the 20s and as a daily from 1923.

Beyond football, Nemzeti Sport focuses on five different sports, namely, handball, basketball, water polo, ice hockey and Formula 1, in addition to also regularly featuring other sports. Readers get background news, photos and information about the six prioritised sports every day.

The All-in section on the last page presents a variety of lighter news articles about interesting things happening in the world of sports.

The weekend Hosszabbítás (Extra Time) supplement features longer interviews and in-depth articles. The ten-page Hosszabbítás (Extra Time) supplement is published every Saturday to offer readers something to read over the weekend by featuring longer in-depth interviews, topics requiring extensive research, reports and articles focusing on a single topic or issue. Nemzeti Sport also offers readers a full week (from Saturday to Friday) sports TV guide in the supplement.

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