Test&Lélek (Body&Soul) is a great mental and physical inspiration for readers that wish to change their lifestyle from a health, emotional or even financial perspective and make their life better and more harmonic.  Our magazine is a sort of "selfness" oasis on the pages of which everyone can find positive answers to self-healing, self-realisation, self-awareness, as well as relationships with the help of our experts and star contributors. We tread down the path of the spirit, heart and soul, yet stand firmly with two feet on the ground.

Our magazine is for everyone that is aware that they can easily do a lot for the mental and physical well-being of themselves and their loved ones. In our columns we help readers find out what the best health preservation, healing and beauty options are.

The magazine invites ladies aged 29-49 interested in the soul and spirit on a new, conscious journey. Our readers are open and think, for whom caring for their health, leading a conscious lifestyle or psychology in everyday life is a rather natural thing.  Both reason and emotions are a part of their everyday life. Our articles convey models to them, emotionally arouse them and make them think.  This magazine is for urban women who have at least completed high school and are open to new things, understanding and developing themselves, as well as lifestyle advice. They are conscious consumers and make shopping decisions on the grounds of advice they find credible.

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