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Modules forming the pillars of around the clock sports news service, blogs by journalists and sports persons, interviews, background information and interactive services, text and video reports on the most important matches, as well as analysis of the most interesting stories unfolding in the world of sport. By publishing 120-130 various items each day, presents every major sporting event which visitors are also welcome to comment, alongside launching blogs or uploading sports videos and photos.

Visitors can simultaneously follow several football matches on the live score section of Hungary’s leading sports website, on which reports on the biggest derbies are also presented. The live score system following the Hungarian football championship, European top leagues and the Champions League, as well as the continually updated databank presenting special team and player features are real novelties, both of which offer readers the opportunity to follow the latest events and results.

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Deputy Editor-in-chief: Dániel Hegyi
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Director of Digital media: András Pásztor
Director of Sales and Marketing: Tamás Door

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