As part of its innovation strategy leading up to 2020, the renewal of the print version of Népszabadság is followed by the renewal of its digital platform, in 2016 when an independent editorial office will be set up. The online editorial office of this leading public brand will be managed by Gábor Bordás as from July 1; in the first phase his responsibilities will include recruiting a journalist staff with whom can be renewed.

The 38-year-old professional has 15 years of professional experience and will join as managing editor. He worked for Origo from 2001 to 2014, first as journalist and columnist, then from 2012

as managing editor. He has achieved successes like the 2010 FIFA World Cup or the 2010 Summer Olympics when the sports column managed by him was the most visited one on the Hungarian market. Bordás was the managing editor of and head of its magazine column in the past two years, and was involved in various project developments.

As the first step of its innovation strategy leading up to 2020, market leader Népszabadság, the top public printed daily newspaper by circulation has been renewed both in content and form on May 28, 2016. However, it is a key element of the program launched by Népszabadság to reposition and noticeably increase its digital presence. Accordingly, the independent editorial office of recruited József Spirk from in June, and will soon announce the engagement of further journalists.

“Gábor Bordás is a highly qualified, vastly experienced manager who has already proven himself in several digital areas. His task is to develop a new, modern image for and strengthen and improve the market position of this frequently cited portal while preserving the newspaper’s principal values”, said András Murányi, the editor in chief of Népszabadság.

Gergely Komáromi managed Népszabadság Online for one and a half year and resigned from his position with effect from July 1.

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