The 35-year-old journalist Máriás Leonárd is to join Világgazdaság, Graduated from the Szeged University of Sciences with a degree in philosophy, he started working for Hírszerző in 2008, and went on to work for HVG magazine. Specialized in economics, he wrote several important articles related to finances, macroeconomic and microeconomic topics. He received two awards for investigative journalism. He was awarded the Tarnói Gizella Award, founded by Élet és Irodalom and awarded each year to the best young economic journalists, in 2011. And in 2013, his investigative article that presented the links between winners of concessions to operate national tobacco shops and tobacco wholesaler Continental Zrt. was recognized with the Soma Award, awarded to the best young investigative journalists.

“The recruitment of Máriás Leonárd perfectly fits in the redesign strategy of Világgazdaság, one of the key elements of which is to ensure that the editorial team is made up only of the best, recognized, independent, unbiased, and authentic journalists” – said Editor-in-Chief Mezősi Tamás.

The 35-year-old journalist Máriás Leonárd is to join Világgazdaság.

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