The negotiations about the suspension and re-launch of Népszabadság between the management of Mediaworks and the leaders of Népszabadság’s editorial continued on Sunday. Mediaworks stated that in the next few days it endeavours to get to a joint agreement, which would provide the appropriate basis for the re-launch of the paper.

As it is known, yesterday Mediaworks announced the suspension of Népszabadság’s print and online products, then made a proposal according to which the publisher would immediately negotiate about the financing and the re-launch of the paper, assuming an agreement with the leaders of Népszabadság’s editorial in the next days about a strategy and business plan that ensures the financially viable long-term operation, as well as providing sufficient guarantees for the re-launch of Népszabadság. Mediaworks is open to this, and in this agreement a possible sale of Népszabadság may also be included.

Mediaworks reiterated its view that maintaining the independence of the editorial team remained a fundamental objective, while the owner is mainly focused on the financial viability of the products.

The parties agreed that on Monday they will continue the negotiations.

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