New editor-in-chief at the helm of hot! and BRAVO magazines

As of August 27, 2016 Krisztina Kelemen will assume the role of editor-in-chief of hot! magazine, while Krisztina Kiss will continue to serve as the editor-in-chief of BRAVO. Csaba Illés, the former editor-in-chief of hot! and BRAVO leaves the publisher to seek new challenges.

Krisztina Kelemen has been working for the publisher since the launch of hot! magazine’s first issue: she started working as editor / journalist, then was appointed to chief reporter and from 2011 to managing editor of the magazine. Celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, this weekly magazine has a strong reader base, and intends to focus on entertaining content in the future as well, where domestic and international celebrity news remaining its core content with exclusive and high quality tabloid content.

Krisztina Kiss is member of the BRAVO team since 2005; she started as a journalist then worked as managing editor of the magazine. The biographies she wrote about the Olsen twins and about SP, the most popular young pop star of the time, were highly successful. She was nominated to music journalist of the year in three consecutive years at the VOLTFolio gala, and actually received the award from professional voters in 2012. Published in Hungary since 1992, BRAVO is a popular monthly youth magazine reporting on news and gossips relating to mainstream domestic and foreign celebrities and the world of film and music, primarily for an audience of 13-17 year olds.

Mediaworks expresses its thanks to the leaving former editor-in-chief, Csaba Illés, who managed the publisher’s youth magazines since 2004. He was the one who, among other things, supervised the launch of hot! magazine in 2006. Hot! has become a key player on the Hungarian media market since that.

„I’m really happy that I could manage the publisher’s portfolio of youth magazines for over a decade, as well as hot! magazine that celebrates its 10th anniversary this year. We have achieved a fair amount of success together during that time, and put high quality products on the Hungarian magazine market. In search for new challenges, I leave the publisher as a happy man and say thanks to the company and my colleagues for their support of many years”, said Csaba Illés.

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