With a projected annual turnover of over 15 billion HUF, 700 employees, over sixty media brands, including Népszabadság, Nemzeti Sport (National Sport), Világgazdaság (World Economy), eight regional dailies, the women’s and gastro magazine portfolio and digital media products Mediaworks Hungary Ltd. is a leading publishing group of newspapers and magazines in Hungary.

The company responds to trends in the media market with organisational structural changes: it is consolidating its sales and marketing, as well as its human resources and public relations divisions and placing these under a new management and is setting up a separate division for the company’s county portfolio.

The management of Mediaworks appointed Tamás Door as sales and marketing director, Erika Kálmán as human resources and PR director and László Póré as the director of the county dailies division from 1 September 2015.

Implementing the imminent business and organisational fusion of the group and setting up more efficient operations, to which the extensive professional and managerial experience of the recently appointed executives contributes, is the task of the new management of the media corporation.

Balázs Rónai, CEO of Mediaworks said: „We expect processes to speed up and be more flexible from these changes. The consolidation of certain functions helps ensure closer, mutually supportive cooperation between the organisational units concerned and the pivotal role of sales. Setting up an independent division for county dailies was necessary because the development policy of the regional portfolio is particularly prioritised in the business strategy. Strengthening internal communication is essential, since strong internal communication and employee commitment is required following the complete fusion of the group for introducing a new shared corporate culture.

Katalin Miczinkó, sales director, as well as Martina Mátrai, human resources director, are leaving the company concurrently to this transformation. These two experts worked at the publisher for many years and Mediaworks thanks them for their collaboration in the achievements reached.

The company responds to trends in the media market with organisational structural changes.

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